Château Laride


Appellation : Haut-Médoc


History: Do­mai­nes FA­BRE, wi­ne­gro­wers in Haut-Mé­doc, have long been fa­mous in the Bor­deaux wine re­gion for the qua­li­ty and high stan­dard of their wi­nes. On Châ­teau LA­RIDE pur­cha­sed in 1976, they ap­ply the same qua­li­ty ru­les which have built their name and re­pu­ta­tion.

Location and Soil: The vi­neyard is lo­ca­ted on the com­mune of VERTHEUIL . Clayey-chal­ky sub-soil co­ve­red with a clayey-gra­vel­ly top-soil.

Vineyard / Grape varieties: Area ; approx. 15 hectares.
Grape varieties : 60% cabernet sauvignon, 35% merlot noir, 5% petit verdot.
Ave­rage age of vi­nes : 30 years..

Vinification: To­tal des­tem­ming of gra­pes. Com­bi­na­tion of fa­mily know-how, mo­dern tech­ni­ques and tra­di­tio­nal methods of vi­ni­fi­ca­tion with a view to ob­tain the best from the Me­doc ter­roir (Tem­pe­ra­ture-con­trol­led vats, long ma­ce­ra­tion, fre­quent pum­ping over...)­

Aging: 12-month aging in oak brings out har­mo­nious woo­dy to­nes. Quar­ter­ly rack­ing to al­low for wine cla­ri­fi­ca­tion and fi­ning with egg whi­tes ac­cor­ding to tra­di­tion..

Wine features / Tasting notes: Beau­ti­ful deep gar­net red. Very frui­ty nose, va­nilla, sub­tle oak. Firmly struc­tu­red on the pa­late with a vel­ve­ty fi­nish.

Food / Wine pairing: Entrecôte bordelaise (rib steak), rack of lamb, game, cheese.

Bottle sizes:  Half-bot­tles, bot­tles, mag­nums, dou­ble-mag­nums, 6-li­ter bot­tles (Im­pé­riale), 15-li­ter bot­tles (Ne­bu­chad­nez­zar).