Château Landat

Vertheuil et Cissac-Médoc

Appellation : Haut-Médoc
Classification : Cru Bourgeois


History: Listed as wine growing estate in 1881, Château Landat was already registered as cru bourgeois in 1908 and was famous for producing charming and elegant wines. In the mid-seventies, Gabriel Fabre purchased the estate from Mr. Normandin, the former owner.

Location and soil: The vineyard is located partly in the northern part of CISSAC and partly on the plateau of VERTHEUIL.
Topsoil consisting of clayey gravels resting on clayey subsoil.

Vineyard / Grape varieties: Area : 14 hectares.
Grape varieties : 60% cabernet sauvignon, 35% merlot and 5% petit verdot. Average age of vines: 30 years.
Vineyard managment: Leaf thinning, midrow grassing. Manual and mechanical harvesting to optimize the maturity of the grapes.

Vinification: 100% destemming of harvest. Fementation in modern temperature-controlled vats complying with Medoc traditional rules ( 3 to 4 week maceration, frequent pumping over). Micro-oxygenation in vat strengthens the tannin concentration and enhances the color of Château LANDAT.

Aging: 12-month aging in oak. In order to clarify and oxygentate the wine,, the racking processs is repeated several times during aging depending on the tasting results.

Wine features / Tasting notes: Glistening color combined with an elegant and fine nose. Aerating the wine displays a large spectrum of aromas : black fruits, nougatine, and grilled notes. Fleshy and supple on the palate. with a lingering finish. Cellaring a few years will develop tertiary aromas : musk, undergrowth and complex oaky notes.

Food / Wine pairing: Red meat, T-bone steak, rack of lamb with herbs, cheese.

Bottle sizes: Half-bot­tles, bot­tles, mag­nums, dou­ble-mag­nums, 6-li­ter bot­tles (Im­pé­riale), 15-li­ter bot­tles (Ne­bu­chad­nez­zar).