Château La Tonnelle


Appellation : Haut-Médoc
Classification : Cru Bourgeois


History: The vineyard of Château LA TONNELLE was part of the Picourneau estate in the 19th century. In 1850, this famous property already producing 80 casks ranked No.1 in the commune of Vertheuil according to the first issue of the Feret guide. Since 1982, the Fabre family has replanted a the vineyard and built a new winery to ensure that the estate again ranks among the best.

Soil and subsoil: Pyrenees gravel topsoil layer resting on a deep gravelly clay underlying subsoil.

Vineyard / Grape varieties: The vines are planted on the plateau of VERTHEUIL, plateau où les vignobles existent depuis des temps immémoriaux.
Area : 29 hectares.
Grape varieties : 60% cabernet sauvignon, 35% merlot noir, 5% petit verdot. Les plus vieilles plantations ont 50 ans avec une moyenne de 28 ans.
Crop control: leaf thinning, midrow grassing. Double guyot pruning. Hand and mechanical harvesting for optimum crop.

Vinification: Vat house perfectly suited for the vinification of fine red Bordeaux wines.
2 to 3 daily pump-overs for optimum follow-up of the fermentations. 3-3 week maceration. Micro-oxygenation in vat to increase the tannic structure and colour intensity of Château LA TONNELLE.

Aging: 12-months in oak. In order to clarify and oxygentate the wine, the racking processs is repeated several times during aging depending on the tasting results.

Wine features / Tasting notes: The vintages of Château La Tonnelle exhibit a dark sustained colour with aromas of red/black cherry fruit. Ric hand supple entry, Fruity non the palate with delicate and lightly toasted oaky notes. Long and silky finish. After a few years, the tanins soften and then give way to a charming blend.

Food / Wine pairing: Duck breast, red grilled meats, cheese.

Bottle sizes: Half-bot­tles, bot­tles, mag­nums Double Magnums.