Château Fonsèche


Appellation : Haut-Médoc


History: Château Fonsèche is produced from the young vines of the property (average age: 3 à 15 years). The wine features soft and harmonious tannins and a pleasant fruity character .


Location and soil: The vineyard is located on the communes of Cissac and Vertheuil well-known for their fine gravel hillocks and clayey-lime soils.


Vineyard / grape varieties: 50% cabernet sauvignon, 50% merlot.


Vinification: The goal is to obtain a soft and fruity wine easy to drink. Strictly temperature-controlled fermentation (28° C) followed by a short maceration.


Aging: 6-month oak aging brings out discrete and harmoniously integrated oaky notes. The wine is fined with egg whites before bottling in our cellar.


Wine features / Tasting notes:  The fruit-forward nose typical of Haut-Medoc wines is appreciated by wine lovers. Easy drinking wine endowed with fine and velvety tanins associated with red and black fruit notes.


Food / Wine pairing: Veal Marengo, herb chicken, lasagnes, pork starters.


Bottle sizes: Bottle, half-bottle.

Also available in 3-liter  Bag In Box: Very reliable system warranting that the wine quality remains unaltered several weeks after opening the bag-in-box.