From our Vineyard to your cellar - Production


We can thank the gods for having offered us an outstanding terroir highly favourable for the production of high-quality wines. The succession of alluvial gravel terraces and limestone slopes resulting from the long and complex geological history of the Medoc soil and subsoil is unique in the world.

However this generosity would have been quite useless, if the winegrowers had not learnt how to obtain the best from this terroir in the course of the past centuries.

Vincent FABRE insists on the fact that a good wine always derives from high-quality grapes. To decrypt the mysteries of the terroir and manage the soil of our ancestors, he is assisted by Nicolas Livet, the Vineyard Manager full of passion and holding the attention when talking about a vine stock. 
Installed in the vineyard, a weather station connected to our data processing system provides data allowing us to analyze the climatic variations and the other hazards of nature. Thus, we can protect the vineyard against pests and fungal diseases while preserving the environment.  
Midrow grassing, leaf removal after blooming and green harvesting performed with accuracy favour optimal maturation of the grapes.
The reputation of a Château and the quality of its wines can be built only over the years. Denis LATOUR, our Cellar Master, manages our wineries with his team. In close cooperation, with Nicolas LIVET, he strives to extract the best from the grapes for producing our selected cuvees. 
The wines are vinified in stainless steel vats in compliance with the traditional methods in force in the region of Bordeaux.
All the winemaking operations  (temperature control, pumping-over, punch-down, rack and return, micro-oxygenation…) and the duration of maceration are determined by the features of each vintage and above all the style of wine to be obtained.
« Assemblage » (blending) is performed in collaboration with Mr. BOISSENOT, reputed Consultant Oenologist  in Bordeaux who has been cooperating with the property for many years.
Each wine produced by Domaines FABRE is aged in oak to acquire aromatic complexity    The duration of ageing is adapted to the wine structure and potential. 
The whole vintage is bottled at the Château. Prior to filling, each bottle is rinsed with natural spring water. The bottling assembly is steam- sterilized every day. The bottles are stored in our cellars in controlled temperature and humidity environment.  The quality controls performed in the follow-up of each process comply with the spirit of ISO standards.