Château Le Chêne – Orain Design

Appellation : Haut-Médoc

History : In 2003, we started cooperation with Mr. ORAIN designer in Paris to create a more modern and attractive label for Château LE CHENE. Doing so we wanted to have a labelling more in keeping with the style of our wines: Modern Haut-Médoc wines with a ripe fruit,
supple tannins and a lot of sucrosity. This new label aims at representing a new style of Bordeaux wines more in accordance with the evolution of the wine lovers’ taste.

Soil and subsoil : The gravelly subsoil is covered with clayey gravelly topsoil in some areas and sandy gravelly topsoil in other areas.

Vineyard / Grape varieties : Area: 29 hectares. 55% cabernet sauvignon, 40% merlot noir, 5% petit verdot

Average age of vineyard: 28 years.

Crop control: Leaf thinning, midrow grassing. Double guyot pruning.
Manual and mechanical harvesting for optimum flexibility.

Vinification : The harvest is 100% destemmed. Traditional vinification with temperature-controlled fermentation and frequent pumpovers to enhance the wine structure and complexity. Micro-oxygenation in vat to stabilize the colour and enrich the texture on the palate.

Aging : 12-month aging in oak depending on the vintage. In order to clarify and oxygenate the wine, the racking process is repeated several times during aging depending on the tasting results.

Wine features / Tasting notes : Deep ruby colour. On the nose, rich strawberry aromas intermixed with scents of blackcurrant and spices.
Full-bodied with pleasant sucrosity and supple tannins. Long and pleasant finish. Very fine wine pleasant to drink young thanks to its fruit and roundness.

Food / Wine pairing : White meats, poultry, pork starters and soft cheese.

Bottle sizes : Bottles, half-bottles, magnums.