Château La Tonnelle Casher


Appellation : Haut-Médoc


History : Property belonging to the Fabre family since 1982, Château La TONNELLE started the production of a Kosher Cuvee under supervision of Grand Rabbinat de Paris in 1991. This cuvee is certified MEVUSHAL.


Soil and subsoil : Clayey and sandy gravel topsoil layer resting on a deep gravelly clay underlying subsoil


Vineyard / Grape varieties : The vines are planted on the plateau of VERTHEUIL where vineyards have been cultivated since very ancient times.
Area: 29 hectares.

Grape varieties: 60% cabernet sauvignon, 35% merlot noir and 5% petit verdot. The oldest vines are 40 years old with an average of 28 years

Crop control: leaf thinning, midrow grassing. Double guyot pruning. Hand and mechanical harvesting for optimum crop.

Vinification / Features of Kosher wines : Before coming in contact with the grapes or the wine, the winemaking equipment and all the piping connected with the vats are flushed with steam. The target is to observe the strict Kosher winemaking rules. Only the persons duly authorized by Grand Rabbinat de Paris (Kosher Authority) can perform all the winemaking tasks. The oenological products satisfy the requirements of the Kashrut (Jewish dietary rules).


Vinification : Vat house perfectly suited for the vinification of fine red Bordeaux wines. 2 to 3 daily pump-overs for optimum followup of the fermentations. 3-4 week maceration. Micro-oxygenation in vat to increase the tannic structure and colour intensity.

Aging : In stainless steel vats in order to retain the freshness and fruity character specific to Château La Tonnelle Kosher.


Wine features / Tasting notes :The Kosher cuvee of Château La Tonnelle exhibits a dark sustained colour with aromas of red/black cherry fruit. Rich and supple entry, fruity on the palate with delicate and lightly toasted notes. Long and silky finish. After a few years, the tannins soften and then give way to a charming blend.


Bottle sizes: Half-bottles, bottles, magnums.