Château Carreyre                                                                                

Appellation : MARGAUX

History : This property is located in the village of Soussans in the prestigious Margaux appellation. Fabre family took over the vineyard management in 2014. The new team modernized the winery and improved significantly the vineyard.
Location and soil: The vineyard covers 2 ha located in the north of Margaux area.
Type of soil: Gravel hilltop on clay. The soil is cultivated to promote deep rooting of the vine. The pro­per­ty has been of­fi­cial­ly
cer­ti­fied HVE (High En­vi­ronmen­tal Va­lue) le­vel 3 since 2017, the highest na­tio­nal en­vi­ronmen­tal as­sess­ment is­sued by the Mi­nis­try of Agri­cul­ture.
Vineyard / Grape varieties :
70% merlot, 20% cabernet sauvignon, 10% petit verdot.
Average age of vines: 20 years.
Yield control: Leaf thinning, weed control between rows, green harvest if necessary.
Vinification : The ber­ries are sor­ted ma­nual­ly in the winery. Con­trol of fer­men­ta­tion tem­pe­ra­tu­res with pum­ping-over adap­ted each day ac­cor­ding to the tas­ting of the pre­vious day and 4 weeks of ma­ce­ra­tion in stain­less steel tanks.
Aging : 50% new oak barrels for 12 months .
Wine features / Tasting notes : Châ­teau CAR­REY­RE com­bi­nes the ele­gance, pu­ri­ty and
po­wer of Mar­gaux wi­nes. On the pa­late, no­tes of red fruit are very pre­sent with flo­ral aro­mas. Roas­ting no­tes com­ple­te this pa­lette.