Château Bellevue De Tayac                                                                  

Appellation : MARGAUX
His­to­ry :  This pro­per­ty is lo­ca­ted in the town of Sous­sans in the pres­ti­gious Mar­gaux ap­pel­la­tion. In 2014 a new team took the vi­neyard ma­na­ge­ment and a huge work has been done in the  vi­neyard con­duc­tion.

Lo­ca­tion and soil : Sur­face 4.5 ha plan­ted on the north of  Mar­gaux Ap­pel­la­tion. Type of soil: gra­vel hill­top on clay. The soil is wor­ked in or­der to pro­mote roo­ting.
Vi­neyard / Grape va­rie­ties: 70% merlot, 20% cabernet sauvignon, 10% petit verdot.

Density: 7900 plants/ha. Ave­rage age of vi­nes: 25 years.
Crop control: Leaf thinning, midrow grassing, cluster thinning if necessary.

Vi­ni­fi­ca­tion : The har­vest is en­ti­re­ly ma­nual with gra­pes picked at op­ti­mum ma­tu­ri­ty. Small cra­tes are used in or­der to pro­tect the ber­ries and bring a crop with ex­cel­lent sa­ni­ta­ry con­di­tions to the cel­lar. Sor­ting of the gra­pes by the pick­ers and in the wi­ne­ry. Vi­ni­fi­ca­tion in stain­less steel tanks for Mer­lot and Ca­ber­net.  Tem­pe­ra­ture con­trol­led in stain­less steel tanks with pun­ching of the cap, pum­ping-over and 4 weeks ma­ce­ra­tion. Vi­ni­fi­ca­tion in bar­rels for Pe­tit Ver­dot.

Aging : 100% new oak bar­rels du­ring 16 to 18 months.
Wine fea­tu­res / Tas­ting no­tes:  Châ­teau BEL­LE­VUE de TAYAC com­bi­nes ele­gan­cy, fi­nesse and pu­ri­ty ty­pi­cal of the  Mar­gaux ap­pel­la­tion. Fruit-dri­ven and pure, with a mix of mul­ber­ry, red cur­rant and dam­son plum no­tes, la­ced with es­pres­so-tin­ged toast and backed by light sa­vo­ry and iron hints on the fi­nish. The wine drinks beau­ti­ful­ly  af­ter 3 to 4 years aging and has a great cel­la­ring po­ten­tial.
Food / Wine pai­ring: Duck, T-bone and fi­let steak, chee­se.

Bot­tle si­zes :  bot­tles, mag­nums, and big bot­tles in good vin­tages.